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Our Firm Takes on Challenging Cases in the Areas of Family-Based Immigration, Citizenship & Deportation Defense

We fight hard to prevail in your legal matter

Velter, Yurovsky & Zoftis, LLC is a tenacious law firm committed to client success in Family-Based Immigration, Citizenship and Deportation Defense cases. Based in Southampton, we are known as fierce litigators in the courts throughout all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our attorneys have the necessary persistence to help you prevail in your legal conflict. We have 50 years of experience and we are determined to win. Read our profiles to learn more about our qualifications.

Our attorneys take an aggressive approach in multiple areas of the law

Velter, Yurovsky & Zoftis, LLC knows how to interpret Pennsylvania law to your best advantage. Our lawyers are passionate about their work and fearlessly strive for the results you require in a variety of practice areas:

  • Family-Based Immigration: Our experienced attorneys explain the procedures and requirements that are involved in family-based immigration. Most of our clients are U.S. citizens or permanent residents who need to learn about the best ways to obtain entry into the United States or permanent residence for a relative. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to help your family.
  • Citizenship: Our dedicated and resolute immigration attorneys help lawful residents complete the requirements to become full citizens of the United States. We can guide you through the entire citizenship process.
  • Deportation Defense: Our experienced immigration attorneys defend clients who are facing removal proceedings brought by the U.S. government. No matter what grounds they are citing to expel you, we will fight tirelessly to protect your rights throughout the deportation process.
  • Immigration: Our experienced attorneys represent clients in cases involving employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, nonimmigrant visas, naturalization, deportation, international adoptions, green cards and more. With our help, you can aggressively maneuver through the complicated immigration process, allowing you to continue living your life.
  • Personal Injury: Personal injury is a serious matter that can drastically affect your health, your job, your family and your future. If you have suffered an injury because of somebody else’s negligence, you have the right to pursue just compensation. Our assertive personal injury attorneys are dedicated to fighting for you.
  • Criminal Defense: Facing criminal charges is an overwhelming and stressful experience. If you have been arrested, you need a zealous and tenacious criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights. Let us use our experience and knowledge to defend your case.
  • DUI/DWI: Being charged with drunk driving has serious consequences in Pennsylvania, including loss of license or even jail time. If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight to obtain the best possible results for your case.
  • Bankruptcy: In our struggling economy, many people are dealing with unmanageable debts. Our bankruptcy attorneys aggressively fight to help you get relief from overwhelming debt and creditor harassment.
  • Foreclosure Defense: In the current economy, it is often difficult for homeowners to pay their mortgages. You need an experienced attorney on your side to defend your right to keep your home. We understand the Pennsylvania foreclosure process and can help protect you from lender harassment.
  • Real Estate: Our attorneys assertively handle cases involving negotiating, drafting and revising real estate documents, including contracts, mortgages, deeds and title documents. We also handle business real estate transactions and represent clients before planning and zoning boards. Let us use our knowledge and skills to help you.

When you retain the services of Velter, Yurovsky & Zoftis, LLC, you can be assured that your attorney will pursue your case with zeal.

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Velter, Yurovsky & Zoftis, LLC believes that you are entitled to strong representation. Let our lawyers take command of your legal situation. Our offices are conveniently located in Southampton. Call the firm at 267-563-8483 to arrange your consultation or contact the firm online.

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